Meet CoachAmberJ

Meet Your Transitional Life Coach

CoachAmberJ is a certified transitional life coach, empowering both male and female clients through their time of transition. She understands all changes are transitions that require processing, both negative and positive, and thus skillfully helps her clients through these various phases of transition in life. This company was built from a passion of helping people change the way they see themselves by supporting them to untangle from draining habits, to embracing their gifts and transition into doing the things they love.

CoachAmberJ is committed to providing a white glove service to all of her clients through her customized coaching sessions designed to ensure their successful transition through life’s uncertainties. She has developed a reputation of being thoroughly responsive to clients needs with her ability to overcome difficult transitions and challenging client schedules. Her strength in coaching comes from not only the experience of working with her clients over the years but also her own personal journey through transition.


Connect With CoachAmberJ

CoachAmberJ, CEO of The Key to Changing Lives, is a trained Transitional Life Coach through Integrated Wellness Center who helps her clients tap into their authentic selves. CoachAmberJ is a mother of 3 boys (her perfect 3). She launched her Coaching business in 2016 to help people birth their vision and walk in their purpose focusing on three key areas: Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth and Purpose.

Prior to coaching and being a Mother, she spent over 10+ years in property management and an experienced consultant since 2012. She has mentored through her management career, and teaches many life skill courses through inmate reentry programs as well as at risk youth programs through Solutions to Change non-profit. Today Amber offers a wide range of coaching programs and services from individual coaching to workshops with groups and other Coaches.

Change is constant.

My vision for this journey as a Transitional Coach is to support those in the most intimate and critical moments of their lives, to embrace those moments with consideration of their core values and personal needs, to support emotionally, spiritually, practically, and holistically. CoachAmberJ is equipped with passion, experience, and education, on the human spirit and struggle, and the astounding resilience that lies within us all.

CoachAmberJ vows to take the journey beside you: "I'm here to help you uncover your power and resilience, and feel comfort in your vulnerability. I will value our bond and the vow of confidentiality."

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